Back Pain

If your back pain has not been solved, give me a call right away!

Dear Back Pain Sufferer,

Back pain is the #1 con­di­tion patients come to me to relieve. They’ve tried pills, exer­cise, mas­sage, acupunc­ture, even adjust­ments, and the pain is still there. The last things they want is to opt for surgery… it’s not even an option. But they don���t know what else to do. And most often, when they come to me, they���ve almost giv­en up. Luck­i­ly they found me before they did.

My name is Dr. Simon Tan­guay, Chi­ro­prac­tor, and I’ve been on a decade-long quest to be able to pro­vide a high­ly effec­tive treat­ment for chron­ic back pain (even when noth­ing else has worked). It took me years of study, work and research, but now, so many of my patients  have been able to final­ly find relief from their pain. If you too are look­ing for a treat­ment that will work for you, I may be able to help.

Back pain is one of the most com­mon, frus­trat­ing and debil­i­tat­ing con­di­tions there is. And it can be one of the tough­est to treat.

Did you know that back pain:

  1. is often resis­tant to treat­ment. It stays no mat­ter what you do!
  2. can keep com­ing back, even when you do every­thing under the sun to get rid of it

And so it’s no sur­prise that back pain can leave you feel­ing like you may nev­er ever find relief.

I know what it’s like: It can come right out of nowhere, ruin even the best of moments and force you to put your own life on the back burn­er. You can be going about your busi­ness, not doing any­thing wrong at all and bang! It hits! It appears out of the blue… that aching, sting­ing, burn­ing pain. All you can do is wonder:

Why does this have to happen? 

You���re a busy per­son with so many oth­er things to wor­ry about. You just don’t need anoth­er wor­ry on your plate! And of all things, back pain? Of all things!

Your back is prac­ti­cal­ly the most cru­cial part of your body. It helps you do just about every­thing! If it’s not work­ing, you can���t live a nor­mal life. You can’t pick up the grand kids and enjoy those spe­cial moments. You can’t do the things you love like yoga, the gym or jog­ging. And while you watch every­one else get ahead, you have to give up your goals and objec­tives because your back just can’t take it. And on top of that, you’re prob­a­bly worried;

  • What if it get’s worse? 
  • Is there any­thing that can help? 
  • And if there is, what the heck is it gonna cost?

If that’s you, don’t despair. That’s where many of my patients were when they came to me and were final­ly able to find relief from pain they had bat­tled with for years. And I may be able to help you too. 

Because so many peo­ple strug­gle with back pain and nev­er find the treat­ment they need, I’ve worked incred­i­bly hard, ded­i­cat­ed thou­sands of hours to research and honed my skill for near­ly a decade to be a spe­cial­ist in the effec­tive treat­ment of chron­ic pain. I’m going to reveal to you what I’ve dis­cov­ered through thou­sands of hours of direct one-on-one work with clients and years of research about:

  • What is real­ly caus­ing your pain
  • Why it won���t go away
  • Why it keep com­ing back
  • And what it real­ly takes to effec­tive­ly treat and relieve chron­ic back pain

Are you ready?

I know what I say here will prob­a­bly make enor­mous sense to you and you’ll won­der why you nev­er heard it before. So let’s get to it.


Why Back Pain Keeps Com­ing Back (Or Does­n’t Go Away At All)

Know­ing what I know about the body, it’s no mys­tery that back pain is such a tricky con­di­tion to get rid of. Here’s why:

The body is made up of 7 phys­i­cal structures:

  1. Bones
  2. Lig­a­ments
  3. Mus­cles
  4. Ten­dons
  5. Artic­u­la­tions
  6. Skin
  7. Nerves


The bones and lig­a­ments make up the struc­ture upon which every­hing else rests. No bones and lig­a­ments and you wouldn’t be able to stand up XYXY.

The mus­cles and ten­dons make action pos­si­ble. They enable you to XYZ.

The artic­u­la­tions are respon­si­ble for mobility.

The skin is a mul­ti­func­tion­al cas­ing that

And final­ly the nerves. The nerves are the body’s con­trol center.

Why is this impor­tant? In fact, it’s is cru­cial, because those struc­tures are linked. They are con­nect­ed, inter­de­pen­dent and insep­a­ra­ble. If there’s a prob­lem with just 1 of the 7 struc­tures, it will affect all the oth­ers. That means you can expe­ri­ence a prob­lem with one — you can have pain in one struc­ture, that���s the symp­tom — while the cause is in anoth­er structure.

This is what makes pain so tricky to treat.

That pain might be felt in a spe­cif­ic mus­cle, but the cause is actu­al­ly not in the mus­cles. Who knew! The cause is not where the symp­tom is. It can be  in anoth­er struc­ture entire­ly; can be in the nerves, skin, bones, lig­a­ments or artic­u­la­tions. How do we locate and iden­ti­fy that cause? If we don’t, our treat­ment will be ineffective. 

Now here’s the kick­er: when you have pain, that pain is a symp­tom. The cause of that symp­tom can involve any one of or sev­er­al of the 7 struc­tures. Chron­ic con­di­tions that don’t go away or keep con­ing back involve more than one of the 7 struc­tures! If we only treat one of them, we haven’t actu­al­ly cor­rect­ed the prob­lem and we can be almost cer­tain the prob­lem is going to come back.

What’s involved in back pain? There’s x mus­cle and y mus­cle and XYZ mus­cle. It’s actu­al­ly pret­ty com­plex with mul­ti­ple fac­tors and caus­es. And we can’t solve a com­plex  prob­lem with a sim­ple solu­tion. No, that won’t work. It will only lead to more frus­tra­tion and dis­ap­point­ment. So what’s the answer? The good news is there is an effec­tive way to sys­tem­at­i­cal­ly treat back pain, cor­rect the caus­es and pre­vent it from ever com­ing back again. Read on to find out how I’ve helped so many stints final­ly get relief from chron­ic back pain (even if it has been there for years and noth­ing else had worked for them).

What Does It Take To Effec­tive­ly Treat Pain?

With so many options out there pro­posed for treat­ing pain, too many peo­ple nev­er find the relief their look­ing for. But when treat­ment for pain relief is effec­tive, there’s a reason.

To cor­rect a con­di­tion and relieve pain, there are 5 things that must hap­pen. Skip any of them and treat­ment will be less effec­tive, relief hard­er to find. Here they are:

1. Thor­ough­ly exam­ine the body and know just what to look for.

2. Iden­ti­fy and under­stand the pre­cise nature and archi­tec­ture of the condition.

3. Iden­ti­fy which of the 7 struc­tures are involved.

4. Clar­i­fy how to treat those struc­ture and in what order, based ob the nature and archi­tec­ture of the condition.

5. Uncov­er  any obsta­cles or inter­fer­ences in the way of healing.

It’s so vital to do this upfront work right and not skip these impor­tant steps!

Using this cru­cial infor­ma­tion, we can find a treat­ment method that match­es the prob­lem, we can treat each of the 7 struc­tures in the appro­pri­ate way and we can resolve those inter­fer­ences. When we cov­er all the bases like this and pro­vide the “right tech­nique” for the “right prob­lem” at the right time, we relieve pain effec­tive­ly. We actu­al­ly cor­rect the prob­lem and we make sure what we’re doing pro­vides last­ing gains. That’s how I think it should be done, and that’s what’s allowed me to help so many of my clients final­ly get relief from chron­ic pain.


Can I Help You Too Find Relief?

I’ve worked incred­i­bly hard to be able to offer a high­ly effec­tive spe­cial­ized treat­ment for chron­ic back pain. I’ve helped peo­ple find relief when they’d had their pain for years, when noth­ing else had worked for them and even when they were ready to give up. I’m impressed and delight­ed with the results they’ve got­ten and I’d like you to final­ly be able to be free of your pain too.

Can the approach and meth­ods I use get rid of your pain?

The truth is, I real­ly don’t know. What I offer is not a mir­a­cle treat­ment and its not the answer for every­one. But since my method­ol­o­gy has worked for so many, you deserve to find out if it can help you to. And I want to help you do that with a spe­cial offer avail­able right now.


Request Your Con­sul­ta­tion, Exam and Treat­ment* for Just $20

If you’re look­ing for an effec­tive treat­ment for that back pain that can cor­rect he prob­lem and could give you impres­sive and last­ing results, call me right now and request your Con­sul­ta­tion, Exam and Treat­ment for just $20. In a one-hour one-on-one ses­sion i’ll do a detailed eval­u­a­tion of your con­di­tion, your back­ground and his­to­ry and get you some answers. We’ll determine:

  • What’s been caus­ing your pain
  • What’s inter­fer­ing with healing
  • What kind of treat­ment will be most effec­tive for you
  • And final­ly, we’ll find out if I can help you

I want you to come and meet me, expe­ri­ence what I do and find out for your­self if it can help you. If I find that I can treat your con­di­tion, we’ll go ahead with an ini­tial treat­ment so you can hope­ful­ly begin to expe­ri­ence some relief.

Bring Your Questions

I know that every sin­gle patient who comes to see me has 4 very cru­cial ques­tions on their mind, and I want them to get clear answers to those ques­tions before they become my patient. That’s why I offer an in-depth con­sul­ta­tion, exam and first treat­ment for just $20. When in pain, no one should be left in the dark and no one should be mak­ing deci­sions about their health with­out all the infor­ma­tion they need.

The 4 Cru­cial Ques­tions of All (Or Most) New Patients

  1. Can this guy help me?
  2. Will it real­ly work? (What if it doesn’t?)
  3. How long will it take (I don’t want a life­time membership)
  4. How much will it cost? (Can I afford it?)

These are impor­tant ques­tions to be ask­ing (and to get answers to!) so you can make an informed, intel­li­gent deci­sion about whether you’d like to work with me. And if you have oth­er ques­tions, I want to know those too. Write them down before you come and bring them with you so we can dis­cuss them openly.


Request Your Con­sul­ta­tion, Exam and Treat­ment* for Just $20 Today!

Just call 514–377-6911 or fill out the con­tact for below. I’ll have my assis­tant call you right away to sched­ule your session.





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